See Where Your Heart Will Lead You..

Where do we find inspiration? It can feel at times like we are on auto-pilot, get up, go to work, eat dinner, sleep--repeat. So where can we find inspiration? 
I know for me that I love to go to creative places for new ideas. Pinterest is a drug for me...I can search for all of my favorite things--jewelry making, recipes that are healthy, photography, Spiritual material, Goddess everything!! I am often so inspired that I go straight to my workbench and make new necklaces. All of these are heart-driven interests. I am clear and comfy with what makes my heart sing. Are you?
If not, listen to your heart, not your head when seeking new adventures. Do pictures of exotic locales make you feel dreamy? Are you interested in foreign cultures and the way they build their homes? Do you love plants and herbal studies? Seriously, there is no end to the learning and stimulating that you can find at your computer or close to home...
When you are inspired, you aren't stressing or worrying about work or life. You find that you smile more, and your thoughts go to possibilities instead of cannots. When you seek to be inspired, you open yourself to new thoughts and potentials.
And if you really listen to your heart, you find that much of what is hard in your life, falls away. You find new, happier ways of doing things. You shift towards heart-loving activities and you meet like-minded folks who also may be looking for an easier, more comfortable way of being.
When I am aligned with my heart, life feels GOOD! My stress disappears and I find myself happy for no apparent reason...just happy...that's it. 
Alignment with my heart is my goal everyday. See where your heart will lead you...
Namaste, Beth