Letting Go ~ The Divine Process, July 26th, Noon-2:30pm

Goddess I AM

$ 125.00

Letting Go; The Divine Process is about letting go of what no longer serves your purpose and why. Unconditional Forgiveness is very important to do in order for your path to go forward without weighing you down. Instead of your path going in a circle, or being delayed, this class will clear and heal you with more understanding about how keeping your past misfortunes in your present time is not benefiting you or you journey. How can you straighten out your path if you're not exactly sure what is holding you back? Do your relationships end the same way? Your jobs? Etc..
This is the class for you!!!
A short Powerful Meditation. This part is so amazing! It's really relaxing your mind before I do the healing with my Crystal Four... plus you will experience how powerful God's light heals within. Every class I introduce something new!!


Beth will do extra healing free with God's Diamond Light and White Auric Flames... and let people ask what they are!


Noon - 2:30pm