Letting Go ~ The Divine Process, March 28th, 11:30am-2pm - Goddess I AM

Letting Go ~ The Divine Process, March 28th, 11:30am-2pm

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Letting Go ~ The Divine Process with Melissa Davidson/Angelic Medium-Renowned Healer

Let Go of what no longer serves You to Create Space for what Inspires You!

Includes Activated Spiritual Votive Candle; a take-home self-clearing instruction sheet.

*Learn to let go of what is not positively serving your journey/Unconditional forgiveness

*Heart fulfillment - close the holes, stop smothering your path

*Raise your confidence vibration

*Meditation practice of clearing "you"

*Loving "you" is being the most magnificent feeling for your heart

***This class will benefit your Body, Mind & Spirit - blockages are removed from forgiveness.

Using the Sacred Crystal Four, Master Healing transformation is all about getting you where  you need to be on your journey, simply by getting back to "YOU".

Healing Meditation / Complete Meditation


11:30am - 2pm