One Soul; Many Lives...a Past Life Regression Experience, Saturday January 28th from 2-4pm

Goddess I AM

$ 40.00
One Soul; Many Lives...a past life regression experience
with Sandy Alemian

The root cause of confusing repetitive patterns in your life (around money, relationships, health, fears, etc) can often be found in a past life. In this workshop, you'll be guided through a past life regression, that can unlock healing in THIS lifetime. You'll also receive guidance from between lives, from your Soul, to support you in your current life. 

$40 per person.

About Sandy: 
Sandy is a voice for God and Spirit, sharing wisdom and tools that help you get unstuck, and guide you to raise your vibration so you can create a life that you'd love to live. Sandy began her spiritual journey over 30 years ago, but had a profound spiritual awakening after her infant daughter passed 28 years ago. Her 3rd book "The End...Or is It; a medium's guide to unf*ck your mind about death" is being released in mid Dec. Sandy is also available for private sessions by appointment.