Psychic Mediumship & Development Course, Tuesdays from 6-7:15pm

Goddess I AM

$ 35.00

Learn to be your own psychic medium!

Explore the intuitive side of your mind and understand how to communicate with loved ones on the other side.

Grace Michel, a seasoned, proven psychic medium and mystic, teaches how to safely practice and raise your consciousness so you can contact with loved ones who have passed. 

During this unique interactive mediumship development course, you will learn how to unfold your own psychic mediumship gifts and abilities. The foundation of reality is consciousness, and in this class you will learn how to raise your vibration to move the consciousness up the ladder of mindful intent. 

In this course, students will practice and learn:

*Protocols for mediumship

*Protection and how to protect you and your client

*How to create a sacred space with guided meditation 

*How to manage and conduct a safe reading

*How to hear, see, feel, receive, and deliver spirit messages

*How to connect with passed loved ones, guides, and Infinite Intelligence.

*Discernment, deflection, and message types and delivery

*How to do automatic writing

*How to practice mediumship etiquette

*How to make connections with Upper Room guides and deities

*Tent & gatekeeping

*Grids and more

 We will hold an all-message circle throughout class where students will actively practice and apply lessons.