Sacred Oil Alchemist Foundation Course, November 13th - 15th

Goddess I AM

$ 297.00

Sacred Oil Alchemist working with the Ancient Oils in the Lineage of Mary Magdalene and the Myrrphore’s.  (3 Day Certification Class)  Foundation Course with Dolores Gozzi.

In Ancient times there were women who used herbs and carrier oils to create Anointing Oils to work with individuals on a physical and emotional level; known as the Myrrphore’s or Mistresses of the Oils.  Mary Magdalene was one of those individuals who used the precious oil of Spikenard to anoint Jesus’ feet as well as other women who practice this art form known as the MyrrhBearers.  Priestesses practiced in the temples and worked with this art form on a celestial knowledge to help and support others for their highest good.

In this 3 Day exploration of sisterhood into the Myrrhphore’s we will learn how to blend as well as engage and communicate with each of the carrier and essential oils; as they begin to show each individual on how they want to work with you.  On the 3rd day we will be connected to and activated to Mary Magdalene and the MyrrhBearers as well as the Priestesses who connected to the Celestial Energy. 

In our time together we will learn: 


-  9 Carrier Oils + 12 Essential Oils

-  Learn how to blend energetically to create anointing oils for your clients and yourself

-  History of the Myrrhphore’s with Meditations

-  Theory + Practice of Aromatherapy

-  Learn How To Do An Herbal Infusion

-  Activation into the Sisterhood

At Goddess I AM Friday November 13 (9-4) Sat. Nov 14 (9-6) and Sun. Nov 15 (9-6)

$297.00 If Paid in Full by Nov. 1, 2020 after that it is $350.00

RSVP: (239)-228-6949

Advanced Foundation Course will be working with Mantras + Sound Healing, Elements, Astrology Signs, Seasons, Celestial Reiki Level 1 + 2