Seven Flames Certification Class, Saturday January 30th from 11:30am-4:30pm

Goddess I AM

$ 250.00
Seven Flames Certification Class Hosted by Melissa Davidson - Renowned Healer and Author
Seven Flames is a class that will certify you to install God's White and Auric flames to others for Humanity and Mother Earth, along with Diamond Light.
This class is designed for healers to raise their vibration to the divine level of healing. Join Renowned Healer and Author, Melissa Davidson.
Melissa heals from your cellular level to your spiritual with the highest and fastest Vibrational Energy Frequency. She works within your Garden Realm of your Higher-Self to heal, and to teach.
Learn and be activated to how the flames and diamond light work to keep your vibrational frequency at that level! Whether you use Reiki healing, drums, crystals, hands, etc. you will master this activation within to pass on to others. A certification and "how to" booklet will be provided upon class completion.
Diamond light helps shed off what no longer serves your purpose. It does it in a light way where it just happens, yet strong to heal you as it sheds. A very powerful gift within. If something just happens, you can request your Diamond Light to help you let go of it immediately.
God's White Flames are the Healers of yourself, Mother Earth, and Humanity. As within you, your words become the healer that sends Healing, Protection, Love, Light, Prosperity, Kindness, Joy, Abundance, all Positive Energy and Affirmations. God's Auric Flames sends out Aura Protection, Happiness, Clarity, Negative and Lower Energy Clearing...
Seven Flames comes from St Germain's Seven Rays of Light and God's White and Auric Flames and Diamond Light. These gifts within you will bring your other gifts to a higher Vibrational Energy Frequency! You will be the Healer you are meant to be! Learn cellular healing during this class and our continuing classes!! Learn your personal frequency whether you are new to Healing or a veteran healer, this class is for you!
Please register by January 29th to receive your certificate of excellence!
Class includes Seven Flames, A Healers Guide book, and a candle.
Please bring in your desired lunch and a healing tool you would like to use.