Ancient Arts Temple 7-8pm Every Thursday

Goddess I AM

$ 20.00

Unleash the radiant energy of the Divine Goddess within you at the Feminine Empowerment Temple Academy, a transformative gathering held every week from 7-8pm at the ethereal Goddess I AM in Naples, FL.

Step into a realm of profound spiritual awakening as we embark on a journey of reestablishing the power of the Feminine and embracing the essence of the Goddess. Led by the enigmatic Marvin Dragonclaw, a lifelong devotee to the reverence of Female Deity, this empowering service invites you to tap into the boundless reservoir of divine feminine power and principles.

Through invigorating discussions and immersive empowerment methods, you'll rediscover the true essence of your being, unlocking the immense strength and wisdom that lie dormant within you. This sacred space honors and celebrates the myriad facets of the Goddess, drawing inspiration from various patron Goddesses, each chosen from diverse pantheons to enrich our exploration.

As you bask in the illuminating energy of like-minded souls, you'll find solace, support, and inspiration, creating an unbreakable sisterhood of empowered individuals. Every session unveils the divine teachings of a new patron Goddess, lending her powerful essence to enrich our understanding of the Feminine Divine.

Come as you are, leave transformed. Embrace the feminine power that courses through your veins, awakening The Goddess within you. Whether you're a seasoned seeker or a curious newcomer, the Feminine Empowerment Temple Academy welcomes all to bask in the radiance of the sacred feminine energy.

After each soul-stirring session, join us for an enchanting tea ceremony, where we bond and deepen our connection with the Goddess of The Night, embracing her mysteries and finding solace in her celestial embrace.

Join us at Goddess I AM every week from 7-8pm and take your place in the circle of empowered souls, rediscovering the true majesty of the Divine Goddess. Let the Feminine Empowerment Temple Academy be your sanctuary of spiritual growth, sisterhood, and transformation, as we journey together to honor and revive the sacred Feminine within and around us.