Wednesday Meditation with Marvin Dragonclaw from 6-7pm

Goddess I AM

$ 15.00

Wednesday Meditation with Marvin Dragonclaw!  

If you are hungry for answers and support, come play in our temple! Join us for a healing meditation followed by a talk on a variety of Spiritual & Metaphysical topics. “We wanted to create an evening of learning and participation for our clientele”. We are all  unconsciously resisting or denying ourselves the fullness of who we are simply because we don’t understand. It can be life-altering to learn how energy works, how the Universe operates and what we as humans hold on to that derails us.  “Seek and ye shall find.” The Meditation usually includes crystal sound healing, and other various forms of healing and meditation assistance. If you like the idea of conversing, learning and growing—then join us each Wednesday at 6pm. The service is $15, which you may pay now, or bring cash.