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Beaded Brazilian Amazonite Necklace

Goddess I AM

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Beaded Brazilian Amazonite Necklace - Goddess I AM

Shaded by the traditional variations inherent in Brazilian Amazonite, this charming necklace of 10mm beads can stand alone, or be layered with other pieces. Extra long, it can be worm flowing free, double wrapped or spun around the wrist.

Amazonite is the stone of new beginnings, self worth, and is an undisputed power stone for women (although it is GREAT for men too). It opens and activates the throat center so that we feel comfortable speaking up for ourselves, which increases self-respect, reduces self-neglect & redirects irritability and anger towards positive action. Physically, it benefits the heart, throat, thyroid, spine & nerve connections. Amazonite has long been considered a good luck talisman and vibrates nicely with both Aries and Geminis.

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