Star Child Space Aromas

Goddess I AM

$ 25.00

We are super excited to add the Star Child line to our offerings! They are an amazing group of witches out of Glastonbury, England doing what we consider the "good work" Browse through these high vibe aroma oils to find one that suits your energetic needs. 

"The pure Space Aroma blends are designed with a specific purpose, astrological energy or deity in mind to help provide a fragrant bridge to the ethereal realms of Gods and spirits. Each Space Aroma consists of a carefully selected blend of Pure Essential Oils and Absolutes that have been potentised with our Lunar prepared Magical Infusions. The infusions contain herbs, flowers, resins, barks and magical tokens collected at sacred sites from all over the world. They are prepared in accordance with the cardinal times of the year and the cycles of the Sun and Moon."--Star Child