Healing Sessions with Beth Brown-Rinella - Goddess I AM

Healing Sessions with Beth Brown-Rinella

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Beth offers 3 types of sessions:

Oracle sessions that bring Light to the situation at hand. You are encouraged to ask questions and this allows her to dive deeper into the heart of the matter.

You can also book a Healing session which will include a comprehensive look at what is causing the concern. She will clear away whatever is there no matter the timeline or dimension in which the issue is being held.

Beth's favorite way of working with clients is the Oracle Healing called "The Unfolding" which is a series of 3 sessions to Remove, Clear and Balance you so you can freely explore this lifetime. If you are ready to let go and expand the TRUTH of you, consider signing up for The Unfolding. 

Please request a quote for your session via email or by phone. 239.228.6949