Medium Sessions with Melissa Davidson - Goddess I AM

Medium Sessions with Melissa Davidson

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Melissa is an Angelic Medium and an Author. She has a three part book series on Messages From Heaven. God gave her amazing gifts to help others. She Astral Travels through Heaven's Realms and is blessed with also being Clairvoyant. Melissa shows and teaches you as she draws your path to help you along the way to your future goals. Experience Spiritual Guidance, Messages from your Angels in Heaven; and Spiritual Cleansing. She connects with pets over the rainbow; your angels; and Archangel Paul; For Justice and miracles, protection; along with Archangel Michael. Many past angels come through to help with your reading as well as your angel guide. Let Melissa help you clear blocks and be blessed on your path. 

Price is per half hour; Please be sure to include your email address and phone number in the checkout messages so that we can schedule your appointment