Diana the Huntress Cast Bronze Statue

Goddess I AM

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Diana is the Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, nature and birth. She is the goddess of cycles and the moon and as such is considered a fertility goddess--despite having no children of her own. She is worshipped by young women and women wishing to get pregnant. 

She has been the Queen of the open sky, a sun Goddess as well as a moon Goddess and her name means light or bright sky. She is also known as "Lady of the beasts", Goddess of the night", "Woodland Goddess" and "Phoebe," which translates as the bright one. 

Despite her seeming incongrueties, this goddess is the embodiment of the life cycle. She rules birth, life, reproduction and death. She is nature represented by the cycles of the moon which serve as constant reminder. These contradictions are in reality just a reflection of the cycles we all experience.