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 Beth Brown-Rinella


-High Priestess




-Soul Coach

-Light Code Activations




Nims Meadows


-Psychic/Tarot Reader

-Light Worker

-Aura Drawings

-Aura Clearings

-Angels and Spirit Guides


Marvin Dragonclaw


-Psychic/Tarot Reader

-Spirit Channeler


-Magick Instructor

-Psychic Classes



Jaysun Lightbringer


-Reiki Master

-Theta Healer

-Psychic/Tarot Reader

-Reiki Teacher

-Theta Teacher



Andrea Bella Luna


-Psychic Medium

-Ancestor Channeler


-Energy Worker



Teresa D. Kontos


-Seraphim Blueprint Healer

-Oracle Reader

-Sacred Guide Facilitator



Adena Jade



-Intuitive Guide

-Oracle Reader

-Light Code Practitioner

-DNA Activation/Repair



Dulce Crystal Ortiz

 -Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

-Past Life Regression


-Trauma Reversal   

-Energy Healer

-English/Spanish Speaker



Raelyn Herrera

 -Empathic Reader

-Tarot Reader

-Reiki Master

-Cord Cuttings

-Pendulum Dousing

 Barbara Burke

 -Energy Healer




-Empathic Intuitive

Catherine Riley

-Energy Healer

-CranioSacral Therapy

-Private Yoga

-Myofascial Release



Chelsea July Wilder


-Tarot Reader


-Guided Meditations

-Sound Baths



Anne Merrill


-End-of-Life Support

-Departed Animal
Spirit Communication