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Adena Jade

Healer, Intuitive Guide, Oracle Reader, Light Code Practitioner

*Oracle Reader   *Intuitive Guide   *Light Code Practitioner   *Energy Healer   *DNA Activation and Repair   *Tuning Fork Healing   *Pendulum Healing

Adena’s powerful gifts are energy healing, intuitive/psychic guidance, DNA activation and repair, and implanting codes & technologies from future and past lifetimes. 

Adena is an oracle/tarot reader and offers intuitive guidance via higher self, guides, angels, ascended masters, and galactic partners. During readings, in which she may also use oracle cards, tarot cards, or a pendulum, she also works with the client to heal any forthcoming issues so that the client not only receives the clarity they are seeking, but also receives healing energies to clear and/or transmute what may come up during the reading.

During a healing session, Adena channels high vibrational guides, Arcturians, Lemurians, and ascended masters and together they transfer energy and light codes to the client to further facilitate healing, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Adena may also use tuning forks, pendulums, colors, and crystals to assist with the healing. 

She has a very potent connection to the Sun. Utilizing light codes and high vibrational light frequencies for healing, as well as DNA activation and repair, are her highest priorities in this lifetime.

Adena is one of our House Readers!

To book your session, call: (239)-228-6949