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Adena Jade

Healer, Intuitive Guide, Oracle Reader, Light Code Practitioner

*Oracle Reader   *Intuitive Guide   *Light Code Practitioner   *Energy Healer   *DNA Activation and Repair   *Tuning Fork Healing   *Pendulum Healing


Adena’s powerful gifts are energy healing, DNA activation/repair, and implanting light codes & technologies from future and past lifetimes.

Her telepathic and extremely high empathic gifts enable her to feel where healing is needed. She has been called a love-centered alchemist – her heart-felt and loving guidance opens the pathway for peace and forgiveness of self and others.

During healing and reading sessions, Adena channels high vibrational guides, Arcturians, Angels, and Ascended Masters. She is clairaudient and clairsentient, and uses these gifts to bring clarity and healing to her clients.

Adena also channels Ra and Yeshua, as well as relays messages from ancestors. She brings a light and loving presence to every session. 


Adena is one of our House Readers!

To book your session, call: (239)-228-6949