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Audrey Rachel

Audrey is a trained Access Bars® Practitioner and brings this healing modality to Goddess I Am. Throughout her life, she has always been drawn to exploring various methods of healing and self-discovery. However, after her first Access Bars session, everything seemed to begin to align in her life. The transformations and shifts that took place within her were remarkable. That's when she decided to become an Access Bars Practitioner and is loving it. You can feel the warmth and compassion she brings to every Bars session. She holds space for every client and has gratitude for being involved in their healing journey.
What is Access Bars?
This technique involves gentle touch on certain points on the head that release the ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that get in your way from creating a life that you love.  It’s like pressing the delete button on a cluttered hard drive, except this time it creates space in your mind.
Some results you may feel from receiving a bars session are a more peaceful mind, increased relaxation, improved outlook on life, stress relief, and increased energy and creativity.
Experience an Access Bars session to see for yourself.