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Barbara Burke
It’s a fast-changing world making it easy to lose our way and forget our true purpose. I believe our journeys are divinely guided. Each breath is a gift and each person who crosses our path is our light showing us the way. It’s important to slow down, look around and listen for messages from your highest self every day. Trusting the power of your own soul is your divine birthright. Barb is a Soul Artist lighting the way through using her focus on moon energy, energy of the planets and stars, and your personal cards of destiny to help you remember your birthright. Barb can provide you with an array of practical tools through meditation, tarot, oracle cards, and the introduction into new worlds to help you in positive ways to manifest your truest being into inspired action.
There is only one time and that time is NOW!

Barbara is one of our Kindred Spirit Co-Op Readers

and is available over phone or Zoom!

6 pm -11 pm AKT
Saturday & Sunday:
6:00 am - 11 pm AKT 


To book your session, call: 720-453-5390

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