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  Rev. Rita Scheibeck

Using her background of 30 years of Truth-Seeking, doing Psychometry readings, and addictions counseling, Reverend Rita officer clients a unique and most enjoyable session. she combines her knowledge of people with feedback, counseling and steering advice from Guides and angels, to give answers, directions and Clarity unique to each client.

You'll find a sense of peace and love, usually with a healthy dose of humor, as you get help with the challenges in your life. you'll be delighted with the support and Clarity you will receive to Aid you in unfolding your destiny.

 Reverend Rita was ordained by the alliance of divine love, and does readings at her home and virtually. Rita was born in ohio, and has lived abroad in spain, South america, alaska, as well as in Southern California, and now Florida. she has traveled in the orient, Morocco, and portugal, and considers herself to be a citizen of the world. she feels that this exposure to many different cultures, Lifestyles and value systems has enriched her advising background, and enhanced her ability to make intimate contact with all levels of guidance.

To book your session, call: (352)-284-8609