Services & Sessions

We want you to feel confident and comfortable when choosing one our readers or healers. All have long-term experience in their work and are still striving to be the best that they can be. Only the best and most qualified healers and psychics get to work at Goddess I AM. Ideally, go to the bios below and pick the reader/healer that inspires you!!

We offer a variety of PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE services: Tarot reading, Psychic reading, Aura reading, Mediumship, Palm reading, Past Life reading. 

Let us make it very clear that we encourage getting healing work as we see the value in working on yourself. We all carry wounds, beliefs and traumas that limit you and can be healed. Why not be free of old energies that keep you from growing into the most vital YOU that you can be? 

While we love readings and see the great value to them, we feel that healing is where we find growth, expansion, and freedom from the "stuff" and the traumas that hold us back.

We offer a variety of HEALING services:(Our Healers all have many healing tools that they use in a session depending on what is needed.) Theta Healing, Crystal healing, Light Code Activation's, Soul Map Sessions, Lineage and Ancestral Healing, Coaching, Soul Coaching, Reiki, Energy Healing, Aura Clearing & Repairing, Past Life healing.

Long distance readings and healings are just as effective as in person, so if you are distancing at home but need support we are here for you!

Join us for a reading or healing either via the phone, on Zoom, or in our Naples location. Choose your service, then call or email us to sign up today. (239)-228-6949

 Beth Brown-Rinella

Beth offers 3 types of sessions:

Oracle sessions that bring Light to the situation at hand. You are encouraged to ask questions and this allows her to dive deeper into the heart of the matter.

You can also book a Healing session which will include a comprehensive look at what is causing the concern. She will clear away whatever is there no matter the timeline or dimension in which the issue is being held.

Beth's favorite way of working with clients is the Oracle Healing called "The Unfolding" which is a series of 3 sessions to Remove, Clear and Balance you so you can freely explore this lifetime. If you are ready to let go and expand the TRUTH of you, consider signing up for The Unfolding.

  Melissa Davidson

Melissa is an Angelic Medium and an Author. She has a three part book series on Messages From Heaven. God gave her amazing gifts to help others. She Astral Travels through Heaven's Realms and is blessed with also being Clairvoyant. Melissa shows and teaches you as she draws your path to help you along the way to your future goals. Experience Spiritual Guidance, Messages from your Angels in Heaven; and Spiritual Cleansing. She connects with pets over the rainbow; your angels; and Archangel Paul; For Justice and miracles, protection; along with Archangel Michael. Many past angels come through to help with your reading as well as your angel guide. Let Melissa help you clear blocks and be blessed on your path. 


Healer, Light-worker, and Aura Intuitive Ann Marie “Nims” Meadows' strongest gift is seeing Auras. She performs Aura Clearings and Repairs to help remove unwanted energies, boost and or move stagnant energies. Nims can see objects, Angels and Spirit Guides in the aura, and artistically draws what she sees. She is clairaudient and is able to converse with spirit guides. Nims is a wonderful tarot reader!  

 Marvin Dragonclaw 

Marvin is a born extra sensory who has practiced and studied the mystic arts for fourteen years. He has extensive knowledge and insight into countless forms of magick, spirituality, meditation and personal growth methods. Marvin offers tarot readings, aura readings, energy healing and also psychic training sessions. Come to him for a session or spend the time picking his brain about spirituality or the mystical arts. He is always willing to teach about anything he knows. 

 Jaysun Wechs

Jaysun is a healing arts practitioner with years of experience. He is trained in Reiki, Acupuncture, ThetaHealing and Medical Qi Gong. In sessions, he guides you to identify, step into and remove blocks through the understanding that everything is here to help us, even if we don't see it at first. He offers contemplative, deep insight and a gentle approach to his intuitive readings, calling upon these many years of energy work and study of spirit. Jaysun shares his gifts by facilitating transformative healing experiences. 

  Home Clearing, Gridding, or Blessing

We believe your home is your castle and that you deserve to feel healthy, loved, safe and supported inside its blessed walls. However, if you find yourself in need of a good energetic clearing or a strong blessing, we have the skills to get that job done. Whether it is clearing out any entities, or setting up the foundation for health and wealth, we can assist you in making your home the very best it can be. Home work can take up to 90 minutes, local service only as this must be done in person.

  Jamie Shane

Jamie is a teacher of yoga, a reader of tarot, a crafter of ritual and a reader of charts. She offers Tarot readings as well as astrological charts (Natal & Compatibility--great for couples!) Jamie has been meditating and reading the tarot for 30 years and has never failed to be amazed at how useful and practical their guidance is. From truly complex situations to the most mundane, she finds that the cards provide valuable insights into how one can navigate through life with greater confidence and ease.  Your tarot session with Jamie is an open and free space for you to receive the guidance of your highest self through the most practical of symbols. Come with an open heart and a seeking mind and answers will be found for you.

 Astrology Charts with Athena

Natal Charts-- The magnetic imprint of you at the moment of your birth, which will reveal to you many of your deepest characteristics and longings. It is like peeling away the layers of imprinting we received from our acculturation to look at what our destiny nature is. 


Solar Charts--This is a reading of your year to come, starting from your current birthday. This is a unique map given to you by the stars to help you navigate coming challenges and changes in your disposition, outlook and vision. This one reading has the potential to open your eyes to the horizon so that you can navigate your life with skill and ease. 

  Alexandra Bates

Alexandra's Superpower is her strong intuitive senses. She uses many tools in practice including the Goddess Oracle cards, I Ching, Chakra balancing,  guided meditation and visualization, intuition and channeling the Higher Consciousness. Highly intuitive as a child, she disturbed many adults in her life by foretelling of babies and illnesses. The Goddess Oracle uses goddesses across time and tradition to assist in figuring out how to best nurture ourselves and which direction to move into. The I Ching, also known as the book of changes, is an ancient Chinese Oracle that uses coins and hexagrams to give clear guidance and direction. This is the perfect tool for those who aren't sure of their next step. 

 Pam Miner

Being Life Coaching with Pam Miner: As you hit the playing field of life, you receive opportunity, support, approval, and success given by others. Your teammates-from the Starbucks barista to the big office boss-play key roles in defining your life, influence that is positive or negative, large or small. How is that working for you? What can change if you are your best player, biggest cheerleader, and head coach? Working with Pam, you will deeply explore the six elements of being: spirituality, physical health, emotional health, relationships, career, and finance. She will assist you to identify your goals using Life Coaching techniques. Tools, resources, and exercises shared are aimed at obtaining the best result-oriented wins.
 Dolores Gozzi

Dolores deeply connects to Spirit to offer skillful Intuitive Readings that are filled with empathy, compassion, and insight. Using her natural intuitive and mediumship gifts, along with her clairaudience, and clairvoyance, she calls upon her spirit guides to help bring forth the information that is most helpful for you at this time.

During your reading, which will reveal your own soul map, you will be guided to see the many life choices, and experiences that are before you with an honest and direct presentation of information, along with Dolores’ mindful attention to detail, and kind manner of communicating the messages she receives from Spirit on your behalf in a way that you will not only understand them, but in a way that you will also receive them with an open heart.

Your session begins with a connection to your energy field and progresses to receiving permission from your Higher Self for Dolores to work with the spiritual realm, which is a benevolent realm, and has only your best interest as its mission. Your information, and messages will then unfold like a story, and will come together like a beautiful tapestry of information woven from the messages of your spirit guides, and ancestors. As your reading continues, even deeper layers of your story unfold by asking questions. Each session ends with Dolores’ signature Drum Blessing, and a special intention intuited just for you.