Goddess I AM Testimonials

Whether from a reading or product, our clients absolutely love Goddess I AM! Read more about what our lovely customers and friends have to say on our Testimonials page. We know you'll love your healing or reading when you visit our metaphysical store in Naples, FL (or receive a distance reading or healing by phone).


Naples, FL

Kathy is a genuine and loving reader. Her higher guides, Angels and connections to spirit are truly amazing. Messages flow with ease and answer many questions you have about loved ones who are no longer here with us.

She is an amazing Tarot reader and is definitely able to get clarity for those hard to answer questions that one usually has. You will receive the utmost attention when you sit with Kathy, her insight and intuition are blessings in helping you along your journey. It is amazing to receive messages from Spirit, the Universe and the Powers that Be that we need to confirm we are on the right path. I guarantee you will love Kathy's energy and insights.


Naples, FL

A healing with Beth is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Beth's love and compassion come through every part of her and you can feel the love of her blessed Angels as they work with you to ease your pain.

A session with Beth also has lasting effects beyond the moment that you are there with her. As your body, mind, and spirit process the higher frequencies from a session with Beth, you continue to feel better and better. As these amazing frequencies of energies begin to funnel through your cells, you feel lighter and more alive than ever before. Sessions with Beth have changed my life and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering seeing her without hesitation.


Naples, FL

It's amazing the way she lays out her crystals, to the way she looks at you. You feel her deep down in your soul... The way you feel when she is looking at your Aura... you know she isn't going to miss anything. How she sees every color, every sense, of your well being your Angels... Your illness, how she works on you when you feel out of sorts, how when you leave Nims you feel so awesome. Nims is so warm, wonderful and so down to earth and her Irish connections connects her to the highest levels, from her Aura Readings to her doing the Tarot. I love how Nims connects with spirit... so you know you will always get amazing Aura and Tarot Readings from her that will blow you away.