12 Soulful Nights ONLINE COURSE with Dolores Gozzi

Goddess I AM

$ 45.00
12 Soulful Nights Journey
Begins on December 21 at Winter Solstice - This is a self paced course delivered in an ebook format with all of the information you need to work with each of these days.

This is an invitation to set aside some time and connect with the universal energy at this time of the year.  The Winter Solstice was a major event for our ancestors as it was a time for the "sun to be rebirthed and renewed".  During this time our ancestors would have a 12 day period of Holy Nights.

At this time they would reflect inward with a connection to the skies above them and the mysteries of the universe.  During this journey each night will  correspond to an assigned month in the new year and a zodiac sign for that month. The self-exploration of this would indicate on that particular night whatever transpired would reflect how the assigned month would go for the New Year.  You have the opportunity of creating your own seeds for each month and your own virtue.  At the end of the journey you will create a Morning Altars Journey of your experience!  All nights begin at sundown.

Our solar calendar follows the 12 solar months measured by the sun's passage through each of the zodiac signs. The lunar calendar measures the moon's movement through the zodiac signs in the course of 13 months. In the lunar calendar there was a gap of 12 days which was considered a Holy Time when the "sun" renews itself.