All Things Aura Series (5 part Online Course) M. Dragonclaw

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$ 50.00

All Things Aura Series (5 part Online Course)

Five Full Classes for Fifty Dollars!

Looking to delve into the fascinating world of energy and learn how to view the aura? Look no further than these 5 class series, which will take you on a journey to explore the energetic field that surrounds us all.

In these classes, you'll learn the basics of aura viewing and how to develop your innate ability to perceive energy. You'll explore different techniques for viewing the aura, including visualization exercises, meditations, and more. You'll also learn about the different layers of the aura, their colors and meanings, and how to interpret what you see.

But that's not all - these classes are designed to take you deeper into the world of energy and help you connect with your own intuitive abilities. You'll learn how to tune into your own energy field, and how to use your aura viewing skills to heal and balance yourself and others.

Whether you're a seasoned energy worker or just starting out on your spiritual journey, these classes will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to help you connect with the world of energy and unlock your full potential. So why wait? Sign up for this series today and start exploring the mysteries of the aura!

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