Bast Cast Bronze Statue

Goddess I AM

$ 62.00

The Egyptian cat goddess, Bast, was a fierce lion-headed goddess of the lower Nile who protected Ra and his living incarnation, the Pharoh. Over time, she evolved to a more domesticated role, bearing the likeness of the smaller cats by which she is now recognized. However, her role as protection goddess did not diminish. She was looked to for protection against thieves, rates and snakes. Placing her likeness in the home calls upon this ability. 


Additionally, her role expanded to more nurturing aspects and women of the time would buy amulets of this Goddess illustrated with different numbers of kittens, representing the number of children they wished to have. She is said to love music, dance and perfumes--all of which provide their own type of protection. Her rattles serve not only as an instrument of music, but as sound to frighten household intruders. Dance is a way to bring in the power of the spirits. And perfumes were said to give protection against contagious diseases as many of the perfume ingredients were plant materials with healing properties.



She brings with her the ability of the cat and you can absorb that power into your life.