Citrine with Lemurian Quartz Necklace

Goddess I AM

$ 41.00

Citrine with Lemurian Quartz Necklace is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

As a Master Healer, Citrine is invaluable to the wearer. It will keep a steady vibration of receiving and magnetism. This vibration pulls in financial abundance as well as healing. Wow...This is why it is one of my favorite stones! It is subtle and beautiful, quietly powerful without making a fuss. This is a stone without ego, removing the need for attention and approval while holding a steady vibe of acceptance for oneself. As you connect with the citrine you will feel the amplification brought to the necklace by the Lemurian Quartz point. Lemurian crystals carry ancient wisdom of the mineral world and from lost Lemuria. To boldly enhance and support your growth and truth, wear this in good health!