Crystal Healing Master Workshop, Saturday July 30th from 12pm-4pm

Goddess I AM

$ 300.00
Learn absolutely everything about crystals and their uses in one afternoon.
Gain ancient insights and techniques on the uses of crystals for healing and magick.
We will be going over many, many, topics, including:

*How Crystals Work
*How to use them for healing, manifestation, magick
*Casting Circles
*Crystal Grids
*Crystal Point Therapy
*Crystal Dousing
*Crystal Scrying
*Crystal Ball Viewing
*Crystal color meanings
*Crystal Spells
*Healing Practice
*Dousing Practice
*Aura Viewing with crystals
*Crystal journeying
*And more!

Included with workshop:
*Lectures and discussions about information, methodology, and practice.
*Actual practice with highly advanced crystals and tools.
*Documents about all we discuss that day
*Several crystals (based on what you like)

The workshop lasts 4 hours, but there will be a 30-min break for lunch at 2pm.
Bring food if you wish to eat. Tea will be provided.

NOTE: This class has limited seating, so if you would like to join us,
sign up ASAP by calling Goddess I AM or signing up on

The Instructor for this class is: Marvin Dragonclaw
Marvin Dragonclaw is a natural born extrasensory and telepath who has practiced and studied the mystic arts for his entire life. He has extensive knowledge and insight into countless forms of psychic work, Magick, spirituality, meditation, and personal growth methods.  Marvin Dragonclaw has a strong affinity towards Goddess Centered Spirituality and working with Dragons.  He has a deep connection with nature and teaches its principals to create balance.  Dragonclaw deeply believes that we are the creators of our own realities, and we therefore have a responsibility to ourselves to seek out our own hearts, so that we may know our true will.