Deepen Your Inner Light through the Akashic Consciousness (Online Course)

Goddess I AM

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The Akasha in Sanskrit means storehouse. The Akashic Records are a storehouse of Source Consciousness we can access through deliberate and conscious raising of our vibration state. In the pure energy of the Source, everything that ever was, is, and will be exists in a interactive web of energy that records every choice, lesson, pattern, and solution of all living and non living things. This web of life connects our physical cellular structure to the Source. Memory of human and non human lifetimes, life between lives, and other dimensions are explored to heal very real patterns within this lifetime.
Join the 4 Week Webinar series and learn how to read and channel your own Akashic Records. Receive your own answers and journey into transformative inner work. Understand and Heal long standing patterns within your life and cultivate your own sacred temple within you can access with your deepest questions. Touch and connect with this powerful living breathing life force.
Live Classes and On Demand Classes for those who can't make the time zone. Beginning each Tuesday, October 5th-26th 7pm CST, each live class is 90 minutes followed by student practice sessions on your own time. Each student will receive a training journal manual and plenty of student practice.
Level I Training starts at $225 per student.
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