Doings Life Coaching, 3 Weeks: Oct 5/12/19 from 6-7pm

Goddess I AM

$ 225.00

Doings Life Coaching with  Pam Miner

3 week Course: Monday October 5, October 12,  October 19 from 6-7pm

Bring your best into reality by experiencing and applying the motivational art of life coaching.

The goal of this 3/ 1-hour session is to bring your best life into reality by exploring six elements of being --- spirituality, physical health, emotional health, relationships, career and finance --- through the motivational art of life coaching.  We begin with general concepts and methods, then explore personal power, manifestation, and essential health to expand your toolbox.  Results of your efforts are anticipated to be many, as joy is experienced in successful endeavors.

Materials are provided.

3 week course: $225

RSVP: (239)-228-6949