Fluorite with Lemurian Quartz Necklace

Goddess I AM

$ 42.00

Fluorite with Lemurian Quartz Necklace is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The beauty of Fluorite is the variation of colors, teal, blue, and purple! If you are seriously interested in opening to your psychic ability and universal consciousness, then this gorgeous necklace is for YOU! I would suggest that you wear it often and stay open to your own personal powers. This is a powerful Third Eye Chakra stone and will aid you in balancing your personal and spiritual energies. You will find inspiration and connection with this necklace. The crystal point pendant carries the lines of Lemurian quartz...a powerful stone of ancient wisdom. So if you are ready to embrace your Spiritual Badass self, this is a wonderful addition to your jewelry treasure box!