Healing Sessions with Beth Brown-Rinella

Goddess I AM

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Healing Sessions with Beth Brown-Rinella - Goddess I AM

Transformational Oracle Beth Brown-Rinella is a Healer at heart. She has an uncanny knack for uncovering the reasons behind the difficulties you are experiencing. Through a series of questions, intuitive asking and knowledge, she unearths the layers of beliefs, traumas, understandings, emotional duress, abuse and other difficulties that are causing your symptoms. She can then remove, unblock, repair and heal the energies that are sitting between you and happiness.

If you are ready for greater peace, emotional balance, healthier, financial abundance, and live a life otherwise unattainable--allow Beth to help you to let go and expand the Truth of YOU!

Working in 3 sessions, you will be released first of your Core Wounding. Then you will Integrate as the Potentials are now open. In the third session you will learn to Apply all of it to your life.