Master Tarot Class, Friday July 23rd 6:00-7:30pm

Goddess I AM

$ 50.00
Master Tarot Class
Friday July 23rd from 6:00-7:30PM

Learn everything from the meaning of the cards to methods of reading in one night! This class is a full course in everything you need to become a professional tarot reader. We will be going over all of the cards thoroughly and giving advanced methods to open the space during your readings and tap deep within the mysteries of ourselves and our fellow beings. Reading materials are provided, but you may want to bring a paper and pen. By the end, we will be practicing reading on our fellow students, so feel free to bring your cards or borrow a set of ours. Or, show up early and buy a deck from Goddess I Am!

The Instructor for this class is: Marvin Dragonclaw Marvin Dragonclaw is a natural born extrasensory and telepath who has practiced and studied the mystic arts for his entire life. He has extensive knowledge and insight into countless forms of psychic work, Magick, spirituality, meditation, and personal growth methods. Marvin Dragonclaw has a strong affinity towards Goddess Centered Spirituality and working with Dragons. He has a deep connection with nature and teaches its principals to create balance. Dragonclaw deeply believes that we are the creators of our own realities, and we therefore have a responsibility to ourselves to seek out our own hearts, so that we may know our true will.