Meditation/Yoga Workshop: Dharma, Karma, and Me, Sunday April 16th from Noon-2pm

Goddess I AM

$ 50.00

Dharma, Karma, and Me: Exploring where you are in your life and where you want to be. Using meta-cognition to understand and move our lives onto our path.

Life’s Trilogy: Dharma (Path), Karma (Action) and Me (Decisions)
Let’s explore how to observe and come to terms with our Dharma, Karma, and Perceptions: Exploring where you are right now, how you got here and where to you want to go next. The exploration will look at how we make decisions and how we handle bumps in the road, all of which lead us to where we are, the path of Dharma, the actions of Karma and your perceptions of these choices. The workshop will use Breathing techniques, Yoga postures, meta-cognition Mediations and Journal/Art prompts to understand our perceptions of our path, and how to navigate our path.

We will engage in ways to activate brow (third eye) and root (base/root) chakra as well as bring awareness to the ways in which we can support and care for ourselves when we feel actions have taken us off our path. We will participate in yoga, meditation, and pranayama (breathing techniques), all curated to help ground us to give stable foundation and imagination to dream of better possibilities.

This workshop will include: 3rd eye and root chakra engagement with yoga poses, meditation, breathing techniques, and creative activities (journaling/ art). We will end class with yoga nidra (guided meditation)—and conversations to help inspire your action (Karma) and path (Dharma)

Rosh will be your guide. No previous yoga, meditation or art experience is necessary for the workshop. All supplies for the workshop will be provided. Please bring your yoga