Messages from Heaven, Saturday February 11th from 2-4pm

Goddess I AM

$ 40.00
Messages from Heaven with Sandy Alemian: 2nd Saturday of the month
When someone we love dies, we wish we could have one more conversation. You can! In her Messages from Heaven experience, Sandy will bring through messages from Spirit for audience members. You'll laugh, you may cry; you'll be reminded that love never dies. 

Limited to 24 people.

Jan 14th 2pm-4pm
Feb. 11th 2pm-4pm
Mar. 11th 2pm-4pm
April 8th 2pm-4pm

$40 per person.

Sandy is a voice for God and Spirit, sharing wisdom and tools that help you get unstuck, and guide you to raise your vibration so you can create a life that you'd love to live. Sandy began her spiritual journey over 30 years ago, but had a profound spiritual awakening after her infant daughter passed 28 years ago. Her 3rd book "The End...Or is It; a medium's guide to unf*ck your mind about death" is being released in mid Dec. Sandy is also available for private sessions by appointment.