Past Life Workshop, Sunday February 14th from Noon-3pm

Goddess I AM

$ 50.00
Have you wondered about your past? Not just the past in this life, but lifetimes beyond your memory? We are all "old souls" at this point in time and therefore we have all lived and loved, learned and experienced life from many different standpoints. If you are curious why you hold onto certain beliefs or have personality quirks that bother you, why not explore them? If you are wishing to strengthen your intuitive skills, let's get you back to a lifetime of powerful experience! 
This will be a class in which YOU are the captain of going back in time to unlock the mystery of YOU. So think about 3 things you want answers to...write them down and be ready to look, listen and feel the layers of the past slip away and open you to knowing and therefore, healing. 
You can sit or lie down, if you wish to be on the floor, please bring a mat, blanket, pillow--whatever you need to be super comfy. Wear casual.clothes and bring a snack and water. 
I look forward to being your guide as we traverse the time/space continuum!! Namaste, Beth
2-3 hours