Sessions with Dolores Gozzi

Goddess I AM

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Dolores deeply connects to Spirit to offer skillful Intuitive Readings that are filled with empathy, compassion, and insight. Using her natural intuitive and mediumship gifts, along with her clairaudience, and clairvoyance, she calls upon her spirit guides to help bring forth the information that is most helpful for you at this time.

During your reading, which will reveal your own soul map, you will be guided to see the many life choices, and experiences that are before you with an honest and direct presentation of information, along with Dolores’ mindful attention to detail, and kind manner of communicating the messages she receives from Spirit on your behalf in a way that you will not only understand them, but in a way that you will also receive them with an open heart.

Your session begins with a connection to your energy field and progresses to receiving permission from your Higher Self for Dolores to work with the spiritual realm, which is a benevolent realm, and has only your best interest as its mission. Your information, and messages will then unfold like a story, and will come together like a beautiful tapestry of information woven from the messages of your spirit guides, and ancestors. As your reading continues, even deeper layers of your story unfold by asking questions. Each session ends with Dolores’ signature Drum Blessing, and a special intention intuited just for you.

Price is per half hour; Please include your email in checkout messages so we can schedule your appointment and discuss pricing. You can also contact the shop if you would like to schedule that way. 239-228-6949