Sessions with Spirit Artist Diane Marshall Sat/Sun August 18th and 19th

Goddess I AM

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Sessions with Spirit Artist Diane Marshall Sat/Sun August 18th and 19th - Goddess I AM
Special Guest and Spirit Artist, Diane Marshall, graces us with her gifts at Goddess I AM August 18th and 19th. 

What is a Spirit Artist? “Few artists have been given the extraordinary gift of being a psychic artist. It is a rare occurrence to have someone draw a deceased relative, or someone you will meet in the future. There are no words for when a Mother sees what her child looks like, having grown-up in Heaven, after losing them at a young age, or connecting with one’s personal Guide. I pray before each drawing, and never know who will show up.” 

“I am humbled every time I draw a face.” ~~ 

When Diane was eleven years old, she saw her first Spirit, when she was twenty-three she was introduced to her Guides and several Mediums that could bring them in; through channeling. 

Edgar Casey appeared in a materialized body, to inform her she would “be on the pulpit one day, speaking of the existence of life after death”. In the same meeting, Walt Disney, told her he was “going to help her in her art”. Three days afterwards, she was informed from one of her Guides; that she would draw Spirits. 

True to his word, Diane got trained at Disney World as a portrait artist two weeks later. After freelancing for over thirty years, the gift started to appear, slowly, yet miraculously. Then all doors closed financially until she was forced to trust her gift.

In 2011, she drew at her first public event, and has now drawn over 1200 Spirit portraits. She is currently writing a book on the subject, with photographic evidence and heartwarming stories.

Sat. 11-6, Sun. 12-5. $40. 15 minute drawing sessions. Call to reserve an appointment time. (239)-228-6949

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