Seven Flames Certification Class, Saturday September 26th from 11:30am-4:30pm

Goddess I AM

$ 250.00
Seven Flames Certification Class at Goddess I AM in Naples
Hosted by Melissa Davidson - Author, Renowned Healer and Angelic Medium

Seven Flames is a class that will certify you to install God’s White and Auric flames to others for Humanity and Mother Earth, along with Diamond light.

This class is designed for healers to raise their vibration to the divine level of healing. Join renowned author and angelic medium Melissa Davidson.

Learn and be activated to how the flames and diamond light work to keep your vibrational frequency at that level! Whether you use Reiki healing, drums, crystals, hands, etc. you will master this activation within to pass on to others. A certification and “how to” booklet will be provided upon class completion.

$250.00. Contact Goddess I AM (239)-228-6949 for full details and registration.