Sound/Breathwork Journey, Fridays at 10am

Goddess I AM

$ 20.00
These weekly sound sessions with Kristina B Persson will begin with some grounding breathwork followed by a short guided visualization meditation and sound bath. You are invited to bring a yoga mat or cushion to use to settle in to the healing. Each class is $20.
You will leave the session feeling light and peaceful.
Kristina is a sound healer and channel, a manifesting and breathwork guide, and a yin yoga instructor. She channels light codes and angelic energy through both her voice and her magical alchemy crystal singing bowls. Kristina also guides individuals to remember their divine essence. She has learned from play and conscious creating that healing is simple. When we realize that we don't need to 'work' on being healed we can simply choose the path of remembering and connecting to the ever present flow of life. Blessings and so it is.