ThetaHealing Weekend Workshop, February 22nd-24th

Goddess I AM

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ThetaHealing Weekend Workshop, February 22nd-24th - Goddess I AM
hetaHealing is the next level in healing! Why? Because ThetaHealing helps you to release and change old beliefs and programs. What happens when you change beliefs? Your life changes! You stop attracting the same types of people, situations, and issues. You take the reins in your life rather than feeling like a victim to it. You step into your true power as a co-creator of your life. This technique can be used on yourself and others, making it a great tool for Life coaches, Reiki practitioners, and anyone wanting to be a clearer channel and/or help their clients to reach a deeper level of healing. 

During this workshop, you will learn to:

-Release limiting beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs that will help you to grow and learn!

-Work with your Angels!

-Do future readings!

-Do instant healings!

-Increase your intuition and psychic abilities!

This two and half day workshop is filled with powerful information, healing, connection and fun! After the workshop you will be a certified ThetaHealer. At the workshop, you will receive everything you need, including workshop manual and a copy of the book: “ThetaHealing” by Vianna Stibal, author and founder of ThetaHealing. 

Class will be $495 or early bird $445 before January 31st

Times will be Friday 5-9
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-5

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