Enter the Temple Virtual Circle, 4th Sundays, June 26th at 6pm

Goddess I AM

$ 33.00

Join Beth for connection, community, ritual and a space to be seen and heard.

Throughout history women have always been one another’s comfort. We used to gather together to wash clothes, tan hides, gather foods, raise our children, and in certain cultures, spend time in a “red tent” during our monthly menses. We would talk, tease, share and provide guidance and aid to one another.

This is what I wish to bring to you. A safe space for sharing and laughing and being part of ritual. While ritual will play a part, the connection and healing will be the heart of our gatherings. I want you to feel LESS ALONE, MORE HEARD & UNDERSTOOD! You are so important and invaluable to all around you. More than that, your heart is deserving of being part of a loving group of women who understand your trials and hardships. We will create a space without judgement only honoring.

Now some of you might be saying, “I’m a loner. I don’t want or need community.” I see this with clients pretty regularly. It often comes from always feeling like an outsider, someone who sees the world differently from their family and workmates. They develop a shell of indifference so as to not hurt because of the rejection and judgement that is thrown at us “weirdos.” But deep inside is a tender heart wanting to be accepted just as you are. When all the rejected ones gather, we laugh and understand the sting of those who will never “get us.” But because we come together to learn, grow, support and be there for one another, this can shift the loner into a joiner…at least once a month!! Haha.

There will be no place for competition because we understand that when we support one another, our heart sings for their success. It may even open you up to opportunities to grow and soar within your own heart’s desires! Often women offer their aid, their gifts and their talents to help their circle sisters get started on a new journey.

Sweet Friends, we stand at a crossroads that we can choose either direction! One direction is to keep following the path of 3D living. Feeling comforted by knowing that we live and die…the KNOWN is often more comforting than the LEAP of FAITH required to step into the UNKOWN. We know and understand how the world of the third dimension(3D) works and that is comforting. But for many of us, we see the vast limitations that exist to hold us to conformity and denial of self. This creates sacred rage deep within us…

I for one, claim the 5D experience of living in an unlimited universe that allows me to create freely, love deeply and break out of the patriarchal confines. I want to love and accept all who cross my path. It brings me great peace to be ok with how people show up—even if for a moment it is bothersome to me—then I move into accepting them and feel free!!

Are YOU ready to claim your space in the 5D experience? Let’s begin by unraveling the ties that bind us! Join me for a monthly women’s circle…We will meet on Zoom each month. I will bring in a Goddess, crystals, an activity, decrees and other aligned ideas to our circle. You can come dressed in pajamas or adorned like a Queen!

Each circle costs $33 and I will email you a dossier of information, journal prompts, and affirmations related to our circle each month.  Please indicate the best email to reach you.

If you feel the pull in your heart to join in and experience, please click the link to sign up.  


Light Being to Light Being