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  • What is Sage Smudging

    How to Perform Sage Smudging

    Sage Smudging is an ancient method used by shamans, Native Americans (or other native peoples) and holy men around the globe.

    There are a few tools you will need to gather before you begin the act of sage smudging.

    • Bundle of white sage smudge sticks.
    • Tool to light the sage. A match or lighter are the most common tools.
    • Abalone shells or smudge bowl to collect the ash from the smudge sticks as you perform the home cleansing.
    • Hand or a feather to spread the sacred smoke from the sage bundle.

    Smudging involves lighting on fire the end of a tightly bundled group of sage leaves (aka smudge bundles) which are dried and readily burned. You are needing smoke, not fire--for it is in the smoke that the magic takes place!

    Some like to use a feather to move the smoke about their home as they wish. Some simply use their hand to wave the smoke from the smudge sticks around as it clears all of the energies that may be clinging to you or your space.

    When you feel that you have completed the task of clearing the desired energy field, open the front door to allow all of the energies to move on out!  There is no need to overthink this. Trust that the sage bundle will do all of the work, while you simply guide it into the areas of need.

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