Collection list

Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals & Gemstones are wonderful and powerful tools for healing, balancing and beauty. Every crystal and gemstone emits a frequency that helps bring us into balance. When we carry, wear or keep stones near us this frequency spills into our energy field and harmonizes us to a more peaceful state. There are many stones that can work on  our emotional states as well as soothe physical issues and ailments. While not a cure (we can't make that claim) many of us cannot imagine a day without crystals and gemstones! 

Goddess Tip: Search through the pictures of stones and allow your attraction to a crystal to be your guide. Only then, should you read the bio of the stone. Chances are, you have picked just what you need! We are are very adept at intuitively selecting crystals that will help us. 


We adore curating an interesting collection of jewelry for you! Healing gemstones and magical stones are the hallmark of our favorite pieces. We hope you enjoy!

Adornment is a declaration of Self! Self-expression, self-love and your inner Goddess all get to play when wearing special jewelry. You feel more beautiful and confident when you wear a special necklace. Stacking bracelets to suit your mood will uplift you every day.  Heaven forbid you leave the house without earrings! You feel naked! Enjoy our jewelry offerings!

Scents, Oils & Smoke

When you need a memory, a moment, a slice of time out of time, we recommend a  Scent to land it all home. For your daily life and your magical work, nothing works quite the way of Scent to invoke and evoke a Sacred Space. We have carefully curated a line of oils, mists, absolutes, incense and smudge to help you create the feeling you need at any moment in time. 

Historically, Scent was used in Temples and Churches, for Rituals, Rites, Initiations and Invocations. It can a daily affair to burn incense in your home, dab oil on your sensitive pulse points and anoint yourself as the Goddess you Are!

Incense is burned to invoke Sacred Space, clear energies and to ground Spirit within your home. We have a wonderful selection, so be generous with trying new incenses! See where these potent scents will take you...

Smudge is traditionally used to clear negative energies from a space and to invite in peaceful vibrations. White sage is considered to be the King of Sages and is our favorite. Many use Cedar, Mugwort, Yerba Santa and Lavender for their rituals and healing. Smudge is known to kill toxins and bacteria in the air. Burned weekly in your home, smudge will keep it fresh and clean.

So whether you prefer the soft, evocative scent of temple incense, or the profound and lingering essence of rose oil, we have it here for you. For your altar, for your home, for your body. 


Divination Tools

Divination tools have been around since time immemorial. Omens, portents and signs have been sought by all traditions...Seers, Oracles and Shaman were revered by their communities to help explain the world and the future.  Today, many of the tools of the past are being used to bring comfort and understanding to this crazy, fast-paced world. 

Pendulums are a Favorite at Goddess I AM! Asking simple questions and staying neutral are the keys to successful pendulum use. Fast and easy, this little friend can be tucked into a purse, pocket or bag...this allows you to always have access to divination.

Decks aka Tarot and Oracle card decks are one of the most popular and powerful of all divination tools. Tarot is a complex system of symbols, numbers and images that when placed in certain spreads will unlock the information about yourself, life and situations.  Oracle decks can be light and yet inspiring messages, a daily message to ponder all the way to deep and introspective looks at the subconscious aspects of life.  It is good to ask within what you might need to learn...are you seeking a daily reminder or are you looking to understand where life is unfolding?  Each deck has a booklet included that helps the user work with the cards, spreads and understanding.

Runes(a word that means secret or hidden) are used to predict one's future and connect with higher powers for daily help. It is a set of 24 alphabetic symbols that are "read" depending on their placement in the laying down of the runes upon a cloth. With practice and connecting to the rune stones, one can enhance their intuitive understanding of the reading.

Ritual Candles

The finest in handcrafted ritual votives, pillars and seven day candles with a twist. Who doesn't love to light a candle to create ambiance and set the mood for your space? We do! But then there are times when we need more than mood, we need action! Candle magic is potent and yet easy to do. It can be as simple as writing your wish on a paper and place beneath your candle as it burns. Add an intention, prayer or crystals to boost your wish coming to fruition. Select your color or the Reiki intention to best align with your goal. Enjoy our selection! More to come!


Browse our collection of statues representing your favorite deity. Gods and Goddesses alike, these statues are altar sized, beautiful representations of their energies. When building an altar or creating sacred space, a lovely representation of Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance or Ganesha, God of removing obstacles will help you to keep the vibrations alive and potent.

Collecting statues of deities will enhance your home with their loving presence. Tucked here and there, they create an overall vibe that brings a peaceful and supportive aura to your sanctuary. 


Every month we feature the most experienced spiritual teachers and energy healers to share their light in our local Temple. Space is limited, so if an offering sparks your fancy, please register here to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you soon!