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 Judy Kemps

As a young child I could tell when other children or pets were ill, but I didn’t know how i knew. Oftentimes I could make their affliction or pain go away. But my gifts were frowned on and subsequently suppressed.

Decades later in a meeting with a priest I recounted my childhood memories. He helped me to see my gifts in a new light so that they could be of benefit to others once again.

For readings, I use the Lenormand cards which are based on the tarot. In combination with my intuitive abilities I help others by giving them more clarity about their situation.

Furthermore, I have created my own lip and skin balms, including a pet balm. These skincare products are all infused with a qigong healing meditation.

Reader of the day on Wednesday 12pm - 4pm or by appointment

To book your session, call: (239)-228-6949