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 Marvin Dragonclaw 

- Shaman Healer

- Spirit Channeler

- Energy Worker

- Soul Coach

- Astrologer/Palmist


Discover the secrets of the universe and unlock your inner potential with Marvin Dragonclaw, a born extrasensory telepath. With a lifelong devotion to the mystic arts and world religions, Marvin brings unparalleled knowledge, insight, and wisdom to every reading.

As a strong advocate for goddess-centered spirituality and feminine empowerment, Marvin has a deep connection with nature and its principles, allowing him to create balance in your life. He believes that all living beings are the creators of their own realities, and it's our responsibility to harness that power.

With a wide range of skills, including tarot cards, palmistry, crystal ball, telepathic readings, aura reading, spirit channeling, astrology, and shamanic divination, Marvin's readings are tailored to your specific needs and desires. Ask about anything and everything, and Marvin will effortlessly flow between modalities to provide the answers you seek.

Take advantage of Marvin's expertise and book a reading with him today. He is available most days through Zoom or phone, and as the head magus of the Psychic Dragon Academy, he offers a diverse range of classes and courses on psychic development, magick, and spirituality. Visit to explore the full range of opportunities available to you.

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