Divine Feminine Ascension Academy

Have you had an awakening and find it difficult to
describe your new way of thinking?

Do you KNOW you are on a journey but have no idea where it's leading to or how to navigate the path?

Are you starting to see through the illusions you once thought were reality?

We have developed an Ascension Academy just for YOU!! 

Embark on a journey to balance your mind with your body and spirit.

The Ascension Academy will help navigate a deep spiritual enrichment where we will not only enhance your own inner harmony but empower
you to unearth your
ultimate divine potential!

Join our waitlist or email list for exclusive access to the upcoming program!!
Email us your contact information, spiritual interest and/or any questions.
And mark your calendars for every other Tuesday evening... starting April 23rd.

We feel so honored to take this journey with you.

Jess and Beth