A pendulum is a very personal item.  It is a tool which you will use for intimate questions, so select one that speaks to you.  The material is it made of is less important that the energetic connection you feel for it via your emotional response/attraction to it.  Pendulums come in many different shapes, sizes, and material…wood, glass, metal, and stone are the most popular.  The chain is also a conductor of the energy you will be using to get answers.  Silver and gold are the purest conductors, but truly, any dangly bit of yarn, fabric, string, base metals, and in a pinch, long hair will work.

Psychic energy is transmitted through the pendulum from a Being of Light.  This could be an Angel, an Archangel, a Goddess, your Higher Self, a Saint, or a Being of Light who has chosen to work with you.  The information that they transmit is only as clear as is your pendulum, and of course, as YOU are. 

The most important thing to know about asking questions is to be neutral about the answer! If you want a yes to a question, you will get a yes.  If you are emotionally attached to the answer, you will get unreliable answers.  If you cannot get to a neutral space, ask a friend who also works with Light Beings to ask for you. I cannot stress this enough—you cannot care that the answer is…ask your Light Being if you are able to receive properly at this time… Know that your Angels are not going to lead you astray.  It is also important to be in a good place in your emotions. Be balanced, centered and open to whatever the answer is.