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We are Goddess I AM
a conscious living and metaphysical store in Naples, Florida

Our Metaphysical Store Offerings

We offer crystals, tarot cards, essential oils, candles, psychics, guided meditations, readings, statues, healing jewelry, and many other tools to uplift and empower you. As a Conscious Living Store, our mission is to inspire you in your personal elevation. Our collections of metaphysical tools—physical, intellectual and spiritual-- are selected to enrich your life journey towards a path of enlightenment and self-discovery. Peruse our online store, sign up for an event, psychic fair, class, or a reading. We hope you'll feel inspired to continue your journey with us to the next level of your spiritual development.  

Readings and Healings at Goddess I AM Naples 

Let one of our talented Psychic Readers or Healers help you to learn about your true nature of light. Discover who you really are. Release the past. Heal yourself. Allow your ascension to evolve as you journey down the path of self-development towards the gifts of joy and peace. Life is magical, join us to learn how to wield your super powers.

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Events at Goddess I AM Naples

We believe carefully created events are the greatest opportunity for you to enhance your abilities and enrich your gifts. Our temple is a sacred space where you can shed your worries and experience your very best self. These events help you enhance your inherent radiance so that you can feel at your heart who you were meant to be. Each of our instructors have been hand chosen for their unique abilities to reach you on a very personal and spiritual level. Join us, you are most welcome just as you are

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Upcoming Events at Goddess I AM

Goddess I AM Store Hours:

Monday 11am-5pm
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Wednesday – Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm.