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Dulce Crystal Ortiz

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist   -   Past Life Regression   -   HypnoBirthing   -   Trauma Reversal   -   Energy Healing   -   English/Spanish Speaker

Crystal is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist practitioner in addition uses hands on Energy Healing with many years of experience, working with a variety of clients and helping them to achieve balance in there everyday life. Each session taken with Crystal is especially designed to each person as each life has there own unique path they travel. Using her different sets of skills she always brings her clients to the best level of healing they wish to achieve. Working along side with you she is here to guide you through the murky path of imbalance to find your healing as she provides you with a life jacket. Working along with your subconscious and helping to reprogram the mind to find a new level of healing she also works with energy points to physically allow the body to release stagnant energy that may be holding on to old traumas, and realigning the Chakras to a fluid working state.

Dulce is available by appointment!

To book your session, call: (239)-228-6949