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Dolores J Gozzi

Intuitive Sensory Medium

I am deeply passionate about helping to guide others to find healing and
wholeness and to living their most meaningful life. I am a firm believer in
meeting each individual where they are in life and then building a
foundation from that; so that is where we always begin. I do this by having
a variety of “tools” in which I can help and support you.
I deeply connect to Spirit to offer skillful intuitive readings that are filled with
empathy, compassion, and insight while using my natural intuitive and
mediumship gifts. I am an Intuitive Sensory Medium who feels sees, hears,
and reads energy. Feeling into the energy that surrounds you I will
intuitively read your soul map and how it relates to your current and future
life situations, and how certain elements can guide and support you
through your soul’s path.
You will be guided to see the many life choices, and experiences that are
before you with an honest and direct presentation of information, along with
my mindful attention to detail, and kind manner of communicating the
messages I receive from Spirit on your behalf in a way that you will not only
understand them but in a way that you will not only understand them but in
a way that you will also receive them with an open heart.
I look forward to working with you on your Soul Map’s Journey!


To Book your session with Dolores:

Phone:  239-826-6960  (best to text)



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