Psychic Fair, Saturday March 16th from 11am-4pm

Goddess I AM

$ 30.00
You're invited to come and experience mini readings with our awesome readers. We can offer insights, direction, understandings, verification and healing while we sit with you for 20 minutes. You may choose a Tarot, Angel, Energy, Past Life, and/or Psychic Reading--we can help you through all of these methods of communication with your Higher Self, your Guidance, your Inner Knowing and Source.
Call to book your appointment with your favorite readers. In addition to our in-person readers, we can also connect you via Zoom or phone to readers who are not present. Keep this in mind if you are out of town. I would ask that if you are concerned about proximity, please use the online options with our readers. Distance is no obstacle to their gathering of knowledge or transmitting healing energies. Come and experience what amazing and empowered readers are like!!

In addition, we honor your time by allowing you to book your appointment in advance by calling (239)-228-6949. 11am-4pm. Please call the shop for more details. Cash only.