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If you are a spiritual person wanting to deepen your inner connections, come get activations in the sacred, ancient temples of Egypt!

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A Love Letter from Beth

I had such a wonderful experience the first time I visited Egypt, that I wanted to share the beauty of it with others. To me, Egypt is ancient, mysterious and activating. I spontaneously began healing wounds that were old, stuck and actively slowing down my evolution. This was the gift of Egypt. As a healer, I have worked on myself for years and gotten to a lovely place of peace within. But the level of healing that I did while in Egypt was on another level! It was amazing! I was so grateful to be with well-seasoned healers who could help me navigate the ancient energies that were impacting my life.


Now I wish to share this with you!


If you are a spiritual person who wants to experience new depths of yourself, come with me! Each person on our tour will receive one on one sessions with me, meditations will be offered, Light Code activations, energy healing, anointing with sacred oils, initiations to deepen your inner knowing, and more. As “stuff” comes up, I will help you. The Goddesses of Egypt, especially Isis and Hathor will work with us on our journey. We plan to visit their temples at Philae and Dendera where I will channel their messages for our group. I am excited to see what they wish to tell us!


Of course, we will go to all the “must see” places and in addition, we want to show you a more authentic Egyptian experience. How about a cruise on the Nile in a Felucca, a traditional sailboat manned by locals? Appetizers and tea will be served while we sail at sunset and enjoy the company. Another way we want to show you a more authentic Egypt (as opposed to the usual tourist places) is to visit a Souk, which is a market for locals. Here you will find shops and cafes that cater to the needs of Egyptians not tourists. We will have an Egyptologist and a guide on our tour who will answer all your questions.


Being in a third-world country can be challenging, so we have opted to up-level to very nice accommodations. We plan to eat at the quainter restaurants and stay at hotels that will wrap you in comfort. Won’t it be amazing to wake up and look at the pyramids from your room? The ship has been hand-selected for its better food and rooms. We take care of everything!


This is an all-inclusive trip. You will not need to worry about anything. Your cost includes all meals, hotels, sites, air travel within Egypt as well as transportation.


You will need to book your own flight to Egypt. Our first day is a rest day to account for jet lag and the long hours to get here. From then, we will usher you to the most amazing places in Egypt!!


If this sounds like a trip you are ready to have, please click the link for more information about signing up for the tour of a lifetime!!!

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A Spirtual Journey of a Lifetime

2023 Travel Photos

Limited to 10 beautiful souls for May 2024

Are You Ready?

Trip Cost: $4,600USD


2024 Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Cairo - Day of Rest

Start your beautiful 10-day Egypt tour where our representative will meet and assist you at the entrance of Cairo airport, then you will be transported to your historic hotel in Giza. Settle in, rest and enjoy that you are here!!!

Day 2

Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids in Egypt are truly the face of the ancient civilization; there are three main pyramids, the Great Pyramid of King Khufu, the Pyramid of King Chefren and the Pyramid of King Menkaure, which is a wonderful place to start your visit. We will ride camels with the majestic pyramids in the distance.

While experiencing the pyramid complex, you will see The Magical Sphinx, and two other historical sites. The Sphinx is one of the largest and oldest monolithic statues in the world. Blocks were not assembled to create the Sphinx, rather it was carved from a large piece of limestone.

Afterward, you will have your lunch at a luxury restaurant and then go back to your hotel.



Day 3

Egyptian Museum & Islamic Cairo

The Egyptian Museum is one of the largest museums in the world.


Then enjoy a guided tour to explore: Khan El-Khalil Bazaar. Khan El-Khalil is full of dozens of bazaars and shops that show the artistic craftsmanship, Arabic creativity, and Islamic skill in handicrafts and that’s why it gained international fame. And therefore, it’s a destination for all tourists to travel and buy souvenirs that you cannot find anywhere else.


Afterwards, we will rest at an old Egyptian Café for some refreshments.


Last day in Cairo.

Day 4

Temple of Isis and Aswan City

At 8:00 am we will meet as a group for transportation at Cairo airport to fly to Aswan.


Upon arrival, you will go to The Temple of Isis at Philae. To get to the temple, a boat ride is needed, as it is an island all to itself. We will take time to honor Isis and hear a channeled message from Her. You are free to walk around solo or with the group.

Enjoy lunch on the cruise ship, with free time. After dinner, we will take you on a guided city tour in Aswan.

Day 5

Two Temples of Abu Simbel

In the morning, get your breakfast boxes onboard the cruise ship and drive to Abu Simbel Temple.

Abu Simbel consists of two temples, one is dedicated to “Ramses II” and the other is to his wife, “Nefertari“. The Small Temple demonstrated a great deal of love from Ramses II to his wife.

Return to the boat and enjoy your lunch and sailing from Aswan heading to Kom Ombo Temple. Kom Ombo Temple took nearly four hundred years to be built.

Later back to the boat for dinner and enjoy the Galabaya Party on board and sail to Edfu.

Day 6

Edfu Temple & Luxor East Bank

Have an early breakfast on the ship and start your tour at the royal Horus Temple in Edfu. Egyptians believe this is the place where the falcon-headed god Horus retributed the killing of Osiris, his father.


Later we will have lunch on the ship and sail on to Luxor. In the afternoon, we will visit the majestic Temple of Luxor. This temple is devoted to the Divine Feminine. (Beth’s 2nd favorite temple).


Afterward, we go to the Temples of Karnak, one of the greatest instances of reverence in Egyptian history, which were constructed as a tribute to God Amon, his wife Mut and their son Khonsu.


Return to the ship, enjoy dinner on your last night on board.


Day 7

West Bank

Have a refreshing breakfast, and head to the West Bank of Luxor.


Visit the Valley of the Kings and walk down into the historical tombs of King Ramses 2, King Ramses 3, King SETI 1…You will see different tombs with carvings, paintings, symbols and more!


We then head to the Hatshepsut temple, which was built by the daughter of Thermoses 1, Egypt’s sovereign for 2 decades during the 18th dynasty. (1490-1469 B.C.) Enjoy visiting a traditional Suk, and Faluca sailboat ride at sunset.


Overnight in Luxor at the House of Hathor.



Day 8

Dendera Temple of Hathor

This is Beth's favorite temple, and she will channel a message from Hathor here! Located 60 km from Luxor, this is a temple to enjoy! We will relax here to absorb the powerful vibrations still present!


From here we go to Hughada at The Red Sea.


Day 9 & 10

Breakfast in Hurghada

This lovely beachside town offers you the beauty of the beach, the snorkeling/scuba diving (bring your certificate) and exploring via Safari (off-road 4 wheelers).


You will have choices of what you wish to do on these final 2 days of your visit to Egypt.


That evening we will dine at the Hurghada Marina for fresh seafood dinner and other options.

Day 11

Fly back to Cairo, then on to Home…




Thank you for joining us on this adventure of Egypt!

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